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For Whom?

For expats, migrants, emigrants, retired bon vivants and senior citizens.

Everyone leaving their native country will realize that a new challenge lies ahead and knows that this new challenge will contain insecurities and setbacks. In most cases, dispatching will be supervised by the company and people are assisted in the preparations to move and live in the destinated country. However, the actual practise often differs from the theory and this is experienced differently for everyone. That is the reason why there is no standard program.
Of course, standard procedures do exist with regard to application and settlement of the required documents and permits but there are several high-quality companies that could support you during the entire process from A to Z (we refer to
Tips & Links).

Change of Address offers you a helping hand and is able to contribute in many ways to the group of returning expats. Due to the fact that the Netherlands is your home base, there is no guidance. It is assumed you can take care of all business yourself because you speak Dutch. However, things have changed in the life of the expat and life has changed here as well. It is logical to take a wrong step if you choose to live in the city where you have studied or have lived pleasantly before you left (without children). In many cases, the school system, sporting clubs and so on are organized in a different way in comparison with abroad. There are many obstacles you have to take which you do not anticipate on in advance. This is where we come in, this is our specialty.

By contacting Change of Address in advance and report the priorities of the family during an intake, we are able to search specifically for appropriate environment, housing, school, transportation and many other aspects. Every situation requires a specific approach, but we always start with an introductory interview. In difficult situations, it is important that you feel a click and that you feel comfortable around the consultant who will become a regular visitor in your house. If you are residing abroad, this conversation can initially take place by telephone, followed by a detailed list of questions.

During the move or other P.A. projects, you are only informed about the developments if this is necessary, i.e. no news is good news. You can rest assured that everything will be arranged as agreed upon so you can focus on your own tasks in the meantime. 

Please find below a survey of our services with regard to moving within the Netherlands or returning after a number of years abroad.

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