Professional Assistant





In the business world, there are moments you could need some assistance.

You could need a helping hand for instance in case of an anniversary, opening of a new office, move of a company, take-over or participation in a fair. These organisational matters are often delegated to existing personnel who are already subjected to great pressure. Change of Address could offer you support during these activities. No additional pressure is put on your personnel and you do not have to take on additional personnel you are not able to employ in the future anyway. It is possible that your regular staff would like to organize the festivities for an anniversary. This might result in too much pressure on their regular working activities. In that case, we are able to take over their ordinary activities on a temporary basis.

Every situation requires a specific approach but we always start with an introductory interview. If you would like us to take over specific activities or organize an event, it is important that you feel a click and that we can relate to the identity of your company. Naturally, you have to feel comfortable as well around the consultant who will become a regular visitor in your company.

Based on a carefully composed list of questions and a checklist, we could prioritize what you would like to outsource. We focus on your needs and desires and enable you to compose your own package. During the P.A. projects, you are only informed about the developments if this is necessary, i.e. no news is good news. You can rest assured that everything will be arranged as agreed upon so you can focus on your own tasks in the meantime.

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