Change of Address
Your temporary Personal- and Professional Assistant.


Change of Address is your temporary Personal- and Professional Assistant and is able to take over various practical and organizational activities in different situations that have to do with changing from residence or workplace that is ‘out of the ordinary’.

Every person has certain qualities and the strength to cope with hectic periods but sometimes situations occur in which you might have to strain yourself to the limit or beyond and an important occasion might have an unpleasant effect for a long time. This might include moving (nationally or internationally), a sick member of the family or a parent living at a distance and needing care. Even though you try to prepare everything in detail in advance, there are always unexpected matters that need your undivided attention. Sometimes these matters take up so much of your energy that you are no longer able to enjoy what you have to do. Some tasks you would normally perform without effort, now seem hard and difficult.

Change of Address can make your life easier!

As a result of years of experience and an extensive network of specialists, we always know where to find the right persons of expertise.

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